Micro-influencer marketing platform for brands to get impressions on Instagram at scale

Asora offers a micro-influencer marketing platform for companies to get impressions on Instagram. Instagram has more than 500 Million daily active users, with more than 6.8 million micro-influencers who have followers between 10K to 500K followers. Out of those daily active users, on average they spend almost an hour on Instagram.

Asora is continuously partnering with as many micro-influencers as possible. We offer a wide spectrum of niche industries for your advertising space. From fitness lifestyle influencers to gaming and comic related material, we have the influencers to fulfill your advertising needs. Using the power of AI an ML, we are able to connect the right influencer with relevant ads, which allows your ad to reach your target audience.

Drive more traffic from Instagram

Your ads will be featured on influencers Instagram pages that fit the industry you want to market to. This creates an advertising space with high impressions, engagements, and conversions. We offer high click-through rates with our “see more” feature on your advertisements for the consumer to click and take an action on your product.

Partner with us
Investing in Asora ensures that your advertising budget does not go to waste and your ROI will be high.