FAQ: Genral
Once your earnings have reached 100 dollars you may be allowed to withdraw your earnings. You must reach out to us in a request to withdraw your money. Earnings will be sent to you via PayPal and may take a few days upon request.
Unless your donators are set up with an Asora account, you will not be able to see who donated to you. If you wish to thank your donators, the best method is to get them to sign up with Asora. All Asora donators will be shown to you in your activity feed on the platform with their Instagram handle and name. Also, to give your followers an incentive to sign up, when they sign up they receive 5 dollars.
Links can be placed in your Instagram profile’s Bio as well as your story (if you have a business profile) with a swipe up feature available for all of your followers to see.
As long as you have a business profile, you may use whatever photo you want on your story and promote yourself in order to get people to swipe up and donate to your page for free. Here is an example of what it would look like for your profile’s Instagram story. You place the link to your Asora sponsor page on the URL spot when posting a new Instagram story. Users will be able to swipe up and land right on to a page where they can donate to you.
As of right now, Instagram is the sole platform. However, in the future, we will be trying to implement it into other popular social platforms.
You will be supplied a link to get to your ‘donations received’ page. It will show who donated and how much. It will also display to you how much total money you have accumulated.